Ewelina creates our collections. With the background in history of art and fashion design Ewelina is particularly inspired by contemporary art. Her style and design process are also influenced by the many places she has lived in. Her style presents modern and fresh designs with a palette of vibrant colours and graphic patterns.
We use various yarns in our products. For our home textiles, in particular, we use merino extra fine wool.

A small, family run spinning factory in Germany makes the yarns. They complete production in compliance with environmental protection regulations – from purchasing the raw wool through to the finished material. We highly value their work ethic and yarns, their exceptional softness, and depth of colours.

Our natural inserts for pillows are a down feather blend that is sensationally comfortable and super cuddly, and are made by a small company in Poland.
We aim to source all our materials from local or European producers.
Artisans and weaving
What really makes the designs and materials come alive is the work of artisans.
TUT does not take any shortcuts when creating textiles. Each meter of TUT fabric takes from eight to twenty-four hours of handcrafting. Our fabrics are brought to life by experienced craftspeople, and every millimeter reflects the time and feelings put into their creation.

We work directly with weavers in Poland, some of whom work on looms which have been in their family for generations. The oldest loom used to create our fabrics is dated to the beginning of 20th century.

In Poland, weaving is often traditionally passed from generation to generation. Our weavers are passionate about the process and their craftsmanship; this is revealed in their lifelong commitment to weaving and the fine quality of their creations.
After the fabric is taken off the loom we send it to a local company that prepares the lining and stitches the pillows one by one.